Viewing Throttle Position Sensor's

This is your basic TPS sensor sweep on a labscope, with engine off, and scope hooked up on the return signal to PCM, do a WOT and back to idle quickly and look for any signal transients.

This image from a Fluke 98, 91 Chevrolet Lumina 2.5 4cyl. Check the size of this dropout. Holes this big are sure to be seen on a labscope. Below are some recent captures.

88 Lincoln Town Car 5.0 EFI TPS 139k miles.

88 Lincoln after TPS replacement.

92 Ford Crown Vic 4.6 TPS 68k, smallest glitch I've seen on a TPS so far.

89brnco1.jpg (25976 bytes)

89 Ford Bronco 5.8 V8 110k miles, TPS Shorted internally.

89brnco2.jpg (25099 bytes)

After, new TPS.