Tech Tips

Ford Van Injected V8's

88 Ford Club Wagon 5.8 V8, bank of Injectors draw. Total draw, 5.7 amps less what the event is riding on, 1.5 amps, this bank is pulling about 4.2 amps. Each injector pulls about .9-1.2 amps average depending on how hot they are. Total ohms per bank is around 2.5 - 3.0 ohms.

The other bank. This bank has a problem, its not even close to the other one, found one injector with loose connector.

Superimposed. It might take a while for you to see both banks appear in the waveform, just keep watching closely and you will see the slight difference, if there is a problem, it will be quite evident.

Go to the power relay to get the Injector Pattern, red wire powers the injectors, PCM, and some solenoids, subtract them from the reading.

Any way of getting to these to check them is no easy way, on pickups half of them are fairly easy on small blocks, big blocks are a snap. quick and dirty way of looking at them is grabbing a quick look at the power wire to them, watch for both banks to appear in the signal, there should be a slight difference in them in the amount of draw. A huge amount one way or the other means some problem on either bank. Once you make this judgement, you can do some triggering to find the offending bank.