Tech Tips

Some goodies for you.

95 Chev Tahoe Turn Signal Switch replacement, the book says to remove steering wheel, I found it doesn't need to be. After you remove the lower cover, get the top cover loose and just tilt it up out of the way (you have to push it towards the inst cluster to get the lip out at the edge of the steering wheel). The arrow points to the top Torx screw, the other screw is on the front of the switch right next to the edge of the air bag clockspring down at about 8 o'clock. Book time including air bag disable, 1.6hr, took about 35min.

How Accurate is your Amp probe? Image above is parasitic draw, my ET 332 shows 32ma, low amp probe (left) shows 107ma, 100a range on my fluke shows 54ma. According to fluke, the 90i-610s, is good at 1a and above, the PDAMACP low amp probe is supposed to be good to 50ma.

I plugged in the underhood lamp, draw went to 339ma, PDA shows 413ma, fluke shows 372ma.

Opened the door to add courtesy lamps, draw now at 1035ma, PDA at 1290ma, fluke at 1520ma. These probes are mainly for looking at waveforms, not so much for measuring draw, use your meter to get an accurate reading in amps. Doing this will give you some idea of the error correction for your probe.