Viewing Signals with a Labscope

Oxygen Sensor signals 12/8/01

Alternator waveforms

Build a Vacuum Probe 12/8/01

Cranking Amps per Cylinder

Ignition testing

Spark Plug testing

Using a KV Tester

Injector Current Waveforms

Fuel Pump Current Waveforms

TPS Sensor signals

Analog MAP Sensor signals

CTS - IAT Sensor signals

CKP - CMP Sensor signals

Fuel Injector signals

Ford DIS Ignition

Ford Spout signals

Ford IAC signals

Ford MAF signals

Ford DPFE signals

GM IDI Ignition

GM EST signals

GM ESC Signals

GM Linear EGR

Trending DIS

Plotting signals

Power - ground signals

VSS Sensor signals

Voltage Drop Testing

Negative To Positive?

"Zooming In"