Viewing Ford PIP - SPOUT signal's

Here are two displays of Ford PIP and SPOUT signals, the first image shows them at base timing with spout disabled (non-computed timing, engine running on module only).

This display shows PIP and SPOUT with SPOUT enabled, PIP is being adjusted by PCM and the SPOUT signal is now controlling timing and dwell (computed timing).

If you trigger off the SPOUT signal, you can see the effect the PCM has on the PIP signal, PCM controls timing by turning the coil off sooner than the PIP signal would if SPOUT were disabled. It also controls dwell time by turning the coil on sooner than the PIP signal. When SPOUT is enabled, you should see the PCM adjusting the PIP signal, if not, there is some problem.

I did this with EST, and I thought it should be done with SPOUT as well. Here's PIP with SPOUT disabled to show coil being fired off the rising edge of the PIP signal.

l, This is the PIP signal and primary with SPOUT enabled, showing the PCM adjusting PIP.

Finally, here is the SPOUT signal while enabled, showing where the coil is being triggered. All of these are with the scope triggered off the PIP or SPOUT signal. In all of these images, there seems to be a small time lag between the coil off edge in the SPOUT trace, and the coil off edge in the primary. The next images show how the scope will blow up these areas for closer examination.

A is the SPOUT signal, B is the primary signal, the time lag appears to be about 300us. Current limiter is next event in the primary. To move in close on these areas, the time base and volts per division need to be adjusted to zoom in on them.

While I had zoomed in, I thought I would move the trace off to the right and view the coil off edge of the SPOUT signal, and the primary trace showing the coil firing right on the very edge of the off signal. If you look very close you can see the very top of the spike on the edge of the coil off signal.