No Start Olds

91 Olds Cutlass 3.1 V6 No Start

No waveforms here, I wanted to tell you about this no start, customer said "It just stopped dead" Naturally, first I look at fuel amount showing on gauge, it reported just over 1/4 tank.

Listened for pump prime signal which existed and sounded fine.

Cranked it over for about ten seconds, cranked over slightly slow.

Checked tailpipe for raw fuel, no fuel present.

Checked battery volts 12.2, low.

Charged battery.

Checked ignition, no spark.

Checked fuses, all good

Checked rpm signal on mastertech, no signal

Checked power and ground to ignition module, good

Checked Crank sensor resistance at ignition module connector, showed infinity (open).

Checked Crank sensor harness, ignition module connector to sensor connector, good.

Replaced Crank sensor, starts and runs.