Late GM PickupTank Units

Swapping out GM Pickup Tank Units

This tank seems to go on forever, dropping it's a pain, so don't. Check out that exhaust system.

If you need to do a sender/pump unit on 88 or later GM pickup, try jacking the bed the way I do, there are eight bolts that need to be removed/loosened to do this, the bolts on the drivers side get removed, the pass side get loosened a bit, the pass side is the pivot point and leaving the bolts in keep the bed from sliding off the frame while you jack up the drivers side. The image above shows the first bolt at the front of the bed.

The second bolt back.

The Third.

The fourth.

Next remove the screws holding the filler neck to the bed.

After getting the bed in position, MAKE SURE YOU BLOCK IT UP to be safe while you are working under it. I use a tall bottle jack to do the jacking.

It's a tight squeeze on these but its not bad, easier than eating dirt getting the tank out. Total time on swap (not including swapping pump on sender) 30 min.

Even with a canopy installed, it's no problem.

Another angle. Just pay attention while you are jacking, make sure there is no interference anywhere. Also watch for any wiring that might get tight.