Labscope Buyers Guide

Some labscopes are designed for automotive use with preprogrammed tests built in, others are mainly designed for the electronics field and you will have to learn how to set them up and get waveforms on the display. Some have an auto ranging feature that will get the waveform on the display and then you can change the settings to your preference. Most labscopes are expensive, so make sure you get the one that's right for you. If you buy one that is not setup for automotive, be prepared to spend some time learning how to use it. If you want one that's easy to use, get one that's built for automotive. Not sure if you even need one? Read my personal opinion on handheld labscopes, and how they have helped me. For a tutorial on labscopes, I recommend the Tektronix site.

Go to these sites for some of the more popular Automotive Labscopes.


AES sells most major brands of scopes, and they offer high quality probes and accessories.

Fluke's latest is the 190 series They also have the 123

Both of these will require probes geared for automotive use, and they take time to master.

Check out the new  Bosch diagnostics MTS 5200 4 channel scope.

A nice automotive kit.

The OTC Tech-Scope is a standalone pc based two-channel high-speed lab and ignition oscilloscope.

Labscope, ignition scope and digital multimeter.

 The Automotive kit ATS5004D is a four channel pc based automotive oscilloscope with differential inputs

Besides the normal features of a professional USB oscilloscope, it 

has some specific features like SureConnect connection test and resistance measurement that make it an ideal instrument for automotive measurements.

DSO3064 PC Based Automotive Kit VII 4 Channels, 10K-16M Memory Depth, Frequency Counter, FFT, USB 2.0 interface plug and play; LAN optional.


Touchscreen Tablet Oscilloscope tBook TO102A series bring you different oscilloscope operation experience. It redesigns the buttons & knobs of traditional oscilloscope, you will finish all oscilloscopes

measurement operation steps by swiping and sliding with finger gestures, just like you are playing with smart phone.


On the left, Owon SDS6062 60 MHz, 500 MS/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

On the right Owon HDS1022M-N 20 MHz Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100MS/s, Dual Channel.

On the bottom Owon HDS1022M-I handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope w/ channel isolation.

 Not automotive, but very nice units for the money.

The Siglent SHS1062 is a dual-channel digital oscilloscope with a large 5.7 inch colour screen and is portable enough to be carried around between different testing scenarios.

These are nice, labscope, meter, recorder all in one.