Blazer-Jimmy 4.3 V6 Spark Plugs

This was a 98 Jimmy 4WD, but all mid to late 90's are about the same.

From inside the engine compartment, driver's side, you can't hardly see them, much less get to them.

The pass side is just as bad.

Just behind the pass side wheel well splash shields, this is number two.

Here are number four and six, very easy.

Number three on the drivers side has to be the worst, the steering shaft sits right in front of it, from here, go underneath it. Number 5, a breeze. Number one I could'nt get a decent pic of, its just ahead of the shock tower. I took these images with the wheels installed, made it a bit tough, but I didn't have time to pull them. Total plug swap time 10 min.

97 Blazer 2WD left hand side, a snap.

Ditto on the right hand side. Many different applications can be done this way, you just have to look.