I started my career in auto repair in 1972, and I never had any formal training, I was what you would call, self taught, plus I was given a chance by an employer who seen the drive in me. Money was $800 a month, not bad for someone with very little experience at the time. $5 an hour was not anywhere near what highly experienced techs can make today. After being in the field for 28 years my last position in the year 2000 was $35 per flat rate hour, keep in mind that was when there was work to do, and the work by flat rate hour was what you were paid for the job by the amount of time you were given to do the work, if you did it in half the time you were given, and if every job you did for the day you were fast enough to do in half the time or better, you made piles of money, it just takes a long time to reach that status, the sad part is, by the time you reach that point your body will start to fail, and the years you have left won't be many, I know of many who left the field for just that reason. Professional trades are ok, they just take time to reach a level of experience to rake in the dough. I had to give it up after 46 years, in December of 2017 I closed my shop, now I have all the knowledge, but the inability to physically do the work. Now I intend to spend my time updating this site with as much of that knowledge as I can to help whoever finds it of any value without asking anything in return, I hope it helps you all in some small way.

This was one of my shops.